Follow me as I attempt to be the first person to summit Mount Everest plastic free

Billion tonnes on our planet
Million tonnes in our oceans
% Single Use

It’s time to end our addiction and reliance on plastic. With over 8 billion tonnes of plastic covering the planet, by 2050 it is estimated there will be more weight in plastic than fish in our oceans. We need to act now and turn off the plastic tap. My mission to Everest will hopefully kickstart a change in the way we approach even the smallest challenges in our life – if you can reach the top of the world without plastic, there should be no limits to what can be achieved. Single use plastic accounts for roughly half of all plastics produced each year. There’s less than 15% of all plastic products on our planet recycled each year- these are very alarming statistics and more needs to be done to cut down our dependence on polymeric material. 

My plastic free Everest expedition is going to take me up to 60 days to complete. I’m cutting out single use plastic completely with the hope of educating others on my journey to do the same. Examples of kit changes/adaptations can be seen across my social media as I challenge companies to design and manufacture new equipment that keeps the planet safe and allows us to complete such extreme adventures. If we act now we can make a difference. We cannot stand still and watch this plastic cycle,  I want to be remembered as someone who tried everything to make a difference, don’t you want to be the same? Join my journey to make a change and sponsor my efforts to prove it can be done. 


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